Fresh ideas for a party in the style of the Italian mafia

Adventurous party in the style of the mafia – one of the most popular themes for organizing celebrations. Recognizable images, delicious cuisine, gambling, expensive alcohol and a lot, a lot of money. In such an atmosphere it is simply impossible to turn sour with boredom!


Sicily – a paradise on earth, immersed in greenery, sunlight and sweet aromas. Take the green, white and red colors as the basis (flag of Italy). Arrange around the hall orchids and ornamental citrus trees. Decorate the walls with bunches of grapes on the vine, palm leaves or olive branches (can be artificial), photos of Sicily. Put a few small aquariums with goldfish. Where is the mafia ?! And everywhere! This is where it originated. Mafia is also resting, with taste and beautiful.

Original black and white retro party, as a tribute to the Italian mafia from old movies. Do not forget to print photos of mafia, real or cine, types of night Italy, photos of vintage cars. Make fun of the guests: make  “Wanted! 1000.000 $ ” with photos of friends.


Mafiosi girlfriend luxury, gorgeous and unavailable. Evening dress on the floor or knee-length from flowing fabric, fur boa, flirty hat or headband with decoration of flowers, feathers or beads. Large expensive accessories – pearls, precious stones, gold (or-or). To complete the image – a high hairstyle or neat curls, rich lips, bright manicure, thin gloves and a mouthpiece. Heels, stockings, a tiny retro clutch in the form of a wallet.

Do you think that the traditional role of a companion at a mafia party is boring? Mafiosi costumes in the female version – your choice! White or striped shirt, suspenders or vest, butterfly or tie. You can leave the classic pants or contemplate. “Men’s” shoes or heel, holster, hat – that’s it!

For men, a snow-white or striped shirt, a hat with a ribbon and a tie (or bow tie). The suit is black, white, navy or brown, striped or plain. A scarf or a flower in a buttonhole, “gold” watches and cufflinks. Instead of a jacket, you can wear a vest or suspenders. And don’t forget the holster. Everything is ironed, not a single mote is a gloss!


Party with cocktails, homemade dishes or traditional Italian cuisine of your choice. In the first version, the focus on cocktails is alcoholic, fruity, with ice cream, syrups and mousses. In addition to bright and varied drinks – snacks: cheese table, cold cuts, buns and bread with spices, tartlets with salad fillings.

Alcoholic beverages – brandy and whiskey, brandy, Marsala (one of the symbols of Sicily) and other wines, a variety of Italian liqueurs.


Start the party scenario with a search reverse. At the entrance put a strict inspector who will search the guests.

Think of music for the mafia. At the party, you can bring TV and include cutting from films, collect potpourri from the compositions of Italian singers (preferably retro). The soundtracks from The Godfather, Glorious Boys, Donnie Brasco, Clan Soprano, Scarface, Malavita, The Untouchables of 1987 are perfect.

Someone inadvertently pushed his neighbor with an elbow In the dance, and a shootout began! Prepare props for barricades and shelters – huge soft cubes, plastic chairs, pillows, etc. In the summer you can fight with water pistols, in cold weather – with pistols with suckers. The player who received the “bullet” in the body or forehead is eliminated.

At the end of the party, distribute gifts in the style of the Italian mafia. For example, a photo album (scrapbooking, mafia decor) with empty windows for holiday shots. Cigarette cases or flasks, ladies’ sets of Italian sweets or jewelry. Gift editions of books about the mafia, film collection, movie tickets.

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