SHAKE AN OLD! How to prepare a birthday for a grandfather

It is easy to pan a holiday for children, a celebration for a teens, but how to prepare the organization of such an event for the grandfather? What can entertain a man of old age? What can bring him joy and surprise the old man on his birthday?

There is no more boring pastime for an older person than a gathering at a festive table and wishes for a long life. And what if you arrange a grandfather’s return to his youthful, full of energy and cheerfulness. This can be done without a time machine. How?

You can create an interesting active entertainment program. The main thing – more movement and surprises. For older people who spend a lot of time in the same setting, this will be truly a balm for the soul.

  1. Often old people are very happy about their childhood friends with whom they have not met for a long time. So try to secretly invite these people from the birthday party. Do not be lazy to help them get to the venue.
  2. Do not invent for the birthday boy wise gifts. At this age, it is not the gift that is important, but the attention shown.
  3. Do not make a plentiful festive table. This won’t surprise grandfather, but only add work to his stomach. You can restrict light snacks. Alcohol drinks for the elderly is also a harmful comrade.
  4. If the grandfather’s health is good enough, you can bring the celebration to nature. Fishing, bonfire, tents – give everything that gives the old man joy. You can include in the program launch a kite or model aircraft. This will return the grandfather in his youth.
  5. At home, you can find a lot of interesting activities. Lotto, checkers, chess, charades, pantomime – in these games the old man will be able to easily beat any young rake. It is important that there is a reason to play.

Remember that for the old person the most terrible thing is to be a detached observer of life. Do not let him plunge into this state on his holiday.

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